Our products

Please email us or contact us via facebook or instangram to place an order.

We ship Worldwide.

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Free shipping in orders over 100€,  120$, or within Iceland.

Prices may vary according fto exchange rates.

50 € – Herbal first aid kit – For minor emergencies. Contains 8 different products.
15 € – 60ml A wonderful all purpose healing balm, great to have in your medicine cabinet or even in your purse.
20€ – 75ml – Deep healing balm. Heals stubborn scars and difficult wounds, burns, varicose veins etc…

Winter is coming – Your best friends for the Wintery months

7 € – 10ml Ear rescue oil. Have an ear infection? Try this product. Do not use if the ear drum has been ruptured!
5 € – 100% Wild crafted Icelandic herbs that will soothe your respiratory tract if you come across a cold, flu or some bothersome coughs.
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